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Antivirals | HIV

HIV is diagnosed with antiretroviral drugs that prevent replication of the virus in the body. The immune system can be repaired and further damaged. A combination of HIV medicines is used because HIV can adapt and be resistant quickly. Although these treatments often cost more than prescribed, some have been combined into one pill known as a fixed-dose combination. The amount of HIV in the body is reduced by antiretroviral treatment. Antiretroviral medicines are very effective in reducing the effects of the virus when taken consistently. Although geographical and population differences remain, improvement in antiretroviral treatment has made it possible for many individuals living with HIV to have a life expectancy comparable to those without HIV

Hair Removal Cream

The systematic removal of the hair from the body is often called epilation or depilation. Hair generally develops in the human body. During and after puberty the hair will become more visible and men appear to be thicker and more visible than women in their bodies. The noticeable head hair is on both men and women, eyelashes, axes, a pubic zone, braces and thighs. Thicker head, abdomen, back and chest are on men and women. Hair normally should not develop on the cheeks, the underside of the hands or feet or in any parts of the genitalia.

Anti-inflammatory | NSAIDs Medicine

A substance or treatment which reduces inflammation or swelling is an anti-inflammatory property. Approximately half anti-inflammatory medicines remediate discomfort by minimising inflammation as opposed to opioids, which affect the central nervous system in order to stop pain signalling to the brain.

Anti Cancer Medicine

Anticancer medicine, also known as an antineoplastic therapy, all medications to cure illness malignant or cancerous. A variety of key forms of anti-cancer treatments exist, such as alkylating agents, antimetabolites, natural products and hormones. Moreover some medications do not come into these groups, but are used for the treatment of malignant diseases, indicating anticancer efficacy. The word chemotherapy is also equated with anticancer, although the use of chemical agents is more accurate for the treatment of illness in general. The decision to use any anti-cancer medications would depend on many aspects, such as the nature and location of the cancer, its intensity, whether it should or can be used for procedure or radiation treatment, as well as on its side effects. Many anticancer medications are delivered by intravenous means, but intramuscular or intrathecal injections may be taken by certain oral means (within the spinal cord).

Antidiabetic Medicine

Antidiabetic drugs are treatments that help people with diabetes mellitus regulate blood sugar levels (sugar diabetes). Diabetes may be divided into type I and type II, formerly termed juvenile onset or insulin-dependent, and maturity onset or non insulin-dependent. Type I is caused by a deficiency of insulin production, while type II is characterized by insulin resistance. Treatment of type I diabetes is limited to insulin replacement, while type II diabetes is treatable by a number of therapeutic approaches. Many cases of insulin resistance are asymptomatic due to normal increases in insulin secretion, and others may be controlled by diet and exercise. Drug therapy may be directed toward increasing insulin secretion, increasing insulin sensitivity, or increasing insulin penetration of the cells.

Antialcohol Dependence Medicine

The alcohol abuse in drugs alone cannot be resolved. However the risk of substance dependence has been found to be improved by therapy, in combination with other therapies, such as therapy, self-help groups, enhancement of recovery techniques and recipes avoidance. Three medications are available against alcohol:-1-Acamprosate, 2-Disulfiram, 3-Naltrexone.

Quit Smoking Medicine

Cessation of consumption (also known as Cessation of smoking or Quittiing of smoking) is a process of cessation. smoke contains addictive and dependent . Removal of often makes it difficult to quit. The most frequent preventable cause of death is the use of . About half the people who do not stop smoking will die from the problems of smoking. It is vital for your wellbeing to stop smoking.

Prolactin Inhibitor Medicine

Prolactin is a polypeptide hormone that is responsible to sustain homeostasis, breast growth and hundreds of other actions. The prolactin molecular properties are identical to the growth hormone structure and lactogen placental hormone. A prolactin modulator is a medication that modulates the production by the anterior pituitary gland of the hypophysical hormone prolactin. Prolactin inhibitors suppress prolactin and release prolactin secretion induce.

Asthma | COPD

Lung disease is asthma and a chronic pulmonary obstruction disease (COPD). Both cause the airways to enlarge, which makes it impossible to respire. Swelling is often caused by asthma, such as pollen, mould and vigorous exercise, by anallergic effect. COPD has a label that encompasses the emphysema and chronic bronchitis of a group of lung diseases. Emphysema develops if the small bags in the lungs are harmed (so-called alveoli). Chronic bronchitis develops as the air-borne tubes (bronchial tubes) become inflamed. The most frequent cause of these disorders is smoking (and COPD).


An immune reaction agent that can inhibit or prevent it. Immunosuppressant medications are used for the avoidance of rejection by bisected organism and medicines, and autoimmune condition include the precautions of psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn diseases. Any cancer therapies are immunosuppressive, so here are some Immunosuppressants medicines which includes in this category on affordable rate.

Antiparasitic | Anthelmintic

Anthelmintic are medicines used to cure parasitic worm infections. A category of antiparasitic pharmaceutical goods is anthelmintics. This includes all flat worms, i.e. flukes and tapeworms as well as nematodes. This includes round worms. For human tropical medicine and veterinary medicine these are highly significant. Parasitary worms also infect cattle and vegetables, which have an economic effect on food production. The contamination of domestic animals is also significant. For animal welfare firms that conduct drug discovery projects, the accompanying animal market is also a significant economic concern.

Acne | Skin Care

Skin Care is the collection of procedures that encourage and improve the appearance of the skin and alleviate the conditions of the skin. Nutrition, prolonged sun exposure and sufficient use of emollients can be included in them. Skin disease that comes from oil and dead skin cells in the hair follicle. In teens and young adults, acne is most common. Symptoms varies from blackheads without infection to pus-filled spikes or huge red and tender bumps. Over-the-counter creams and cleanser as well as generic antibiotics are used with therapies.

Anticoagulant | Blood thinner

Blood thinners are chemical agents that inhibit or reduce blood coagulation and lengthen the coagulation time, commonly known as blood thinners. The dissipation of the blood stops blood clots from preventing the flow of blood into the heart. Study how it works, who should be responsible for it, side effects and natural solutions. Medications taken orally or intravenously (through the vein) for blood clotting are blood thinners. The influx of blood into the heart, lungs or mind may be blocked by the blood clots. They are able to carry about a heart attack or stroke.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

The severe lung condition is idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Oxygen travels in your lungs and blood supply by thin air bags as you breathe in. It goes to the organs from there. IPF adds to the formation of scar tissue in your lungs and to breathing difficult. With time it gets worse. The thickness of the IPF scar tissue like the cuts you get after a wound on your scalp. It slows the flow of oxygen from your lungs into the blood, so the body cannot function properly.


Medicines that kill or delay the development of bacteria are antibiotics, commonly known as antibacterials. They contain a variety of effective antibiotics which are used to cure bacterial diseases. Infections of viruses like influenza, fever and most coughs are not treated with antibiotics.

Cholesterol Care

It is important to know about cholesterol. Hyperlipidemia means that the blood contains so much fats (for example, cholesterol and triglycerides). An excessively high volume of non-HDL cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol are found in the blood. One form of hyperlipidemia is hyperchlolemia. This disease raises the likelihood of arterial fatty deposits and blocks. If your HDL (good cholesterol level is too low, your cholesterol numbers can have be out of balance. Your chance of atherosclerotic plaques and blockages improves with less HDL to eliminate cholesterol from your arteries.

Antiallergic Medicine

Allergy avoidance or alleviation by an antiallergic substance. The prevention of hayfever and other allergic reactions may be based on an antiallergic medication. Temporary alleviation of the effects of allergic response by antiallergic medicines.


Antipsychotics, often referred to as the neuroleptics, are a type of drugs used mostly for the treatment of insanity in a variety of other psychiatric illnesses, mainly in anxiety, like visions, hallucinations, hysteria or disordered behaviour.

Womens Health

The best way to avoid diseases, extend one's life, and live happier is to have healthy habits. But a healthy living can take up jobs, work, busy schedules, and more as a result of the chaos in women's everyday life. Taking these quick steps to a happier, longer life. Women's health conditions are special. And some of the health problems affecting both men and women will differently impact women. Pregnancy, menopause and disorders of women's organs are particular problems. By early and routine maternal treatment, women may have a successful pregnancy. You may also undergo recommended tests of breast cancer, cervical and bone density.


A multivitamin is a nutrient supplement formulated to contain vitamins, nutritional minerals and other nutritional components. This is available in pills, capsules, pastilles, powders, liquids or injectable formulas. Such preparations are also available. A mixture of several multiple vitamins usually present in foods and other natural products are multivitamins. Multivitamins are employed to supply non-dietary vitamins. A vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamins) caused by cancer, breastfeeding, inadequate diet, metabolic problems and many other illnesses are often managed with multivitamins.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease | Antacid

A gastric reflux disease is a condition when the liquid content of the stomach (savers up or refluxes) is replaced by the oesophages. Gasophages are also referred to as GERD or acid reflux. That is a digestive condition between the ring of the muscle and the stomach.


Medicines for treating major depressive problems, some anxiety disorders, some chronic symptoms of pain and some addicts are antidepressants. They try to fix the chemical imbalances in the brain's neurotransmitters that are expected to trigger mood and behaviour adjustments. First formulated in the 1950s, antidepressants were. In the last 20 years, their use has steadily grown.

Antihypertension Medicine

Antihypertension medications consist of different types of compounds designed to avoid, monitor or cure elevated blood pressure treatment. The drug groups are both structurally and functionally distinct. The impact of the blood on the walls of the artery is too strong. Hypertension is generally described as over 140/90 and is deemed to be extreme when the pressure is greater than 180/120. Sometimes there are no signs of elevated blood pressure. It can worsen medical problems like heart disease and stroke over time if unchecked. A healthy diet that includes less sodium will also tend to reduce blood pressure, eat and take medicine daily.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is also called the enlargement of the prostate gland , is normal when men are aged. Bladder, urinary tract or kidney disorders can also arise. Several appropriate therapies are available, including prescription, minimally invasive therapy and surgery for prostates' gland enlargement.

Glaucoma Medicine

The Glaucoma is an impairment in the optic nerve of the retina. With time it gets worse. It is also associated with a rise in pressure inside the eye. In households, glaucoma continues to run. The rise in pressure in your eye, called the pressure in the eye, will affect the optic nervous system and give your brain pictures. Within a few years, if the damage gets worse, glaucoma will cause permanent loss of vision or even complete blindness. Many persons with glaucoma do not have early symptoms or discomfort. Take frequent appointments to the eye specialist to detect and treat glaucoma before long-term vision loss.

Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a disease in the skin that primarily affects the scalp. Symptoms include flaccidity and sometimes mild itchiness. Seborrhoeic dermatitis is called a more severe form of the condition, including inflammation of the skin. While the cause is unclear, a number of genetic and environmental factors have been identified, the condition may deteriorate in the winter. The underlying mechanism involves the excessive growth of cells in the skin. It is not because of poor sanitation. The diagnosis is symptomatically based.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Medicine

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune condition which requires a mechanism of immune mediation through which an impaired body immune system reaction to the central nervous system is aimed (CNS). The cortex, spinal cord and optic nerves are part of the CNS.. The course can be recurring or revolutionary in design. CNS lesions arise at varying periods and at various CNS sites. This sometimes means that the lesions in multiple sclerosis are "disseminated in time and space." The clinical experience of this condition ranges widely from stable progressive disease to a fastly changing disease that is impaired. Recurring sclerosis is the prevalent type of the disease; however, there are many other causes of the disease.


An significant feature in the management of chronic lung disease is inhaled drugs or medication that you ingest directly into the lung. There are a variety of drugs inhaled. The drug enters the airways rapidly and is less absorbed by the bloodstream as it is inhaled. A variety of machines specifically provide medication to the airways. A number of medications are currently available for metric dose-inhalers (MDIs), dry powder-inhalers and nebulizers.

Antifungal Medication

Antifungal Medicines are used to cure fungal infections that damage the scalp, hair and clots most commonly. An antimycotic medicine is a drug or fungistatic treatment which is used to treat and avoid mycosis such as foot athlete, ringworm, candidacies (thrush) and severe systemic infections such as cryptococcal meningitis. Antimycotic medication is also known as a fungicide or fungistatic medication.

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